Weary Customizable #1

Discarded Hawaiian shirt in small printed batches containing the nerve of vintage wear.

This is a customizable product. You can request custom embroidery work to be done - be it a back-piece, a 'little thing' on the sleeve or your name above the front packet. Your shirt, you decide.

Embroidery made by hand in Copenhagen, Denmark, to give each product its own distinct look, yet understanding the beauty of each garment showing its past.

Request embroidery work during checkout or drop us a message at studio@bydeath.com.

  • Customizable product - make it your own by commenting on what design you want in the checkout flow

  • Discarded product from Europe

  • Each product has its own distinct look from its previous life

  • Sizing: Each garment shows its past: Some are boxy and others have blue, red or yellow stitching from the past. We have curated the best vintage shirts that live up standards that we would buy ourselves. As the shirts are vintage sizing does differ, but we have developed a sizing chart that measures only from chest to chest.

  • As we customize per your request please note that the product is non-refundable (we refer to our T&C's)