FIRE CLOGS (Pre-order)


      • Printed clogs made on a small family-run factory in Silkeborg, Denmark

      • Pre-order item (Delivery in October 2021)
      • Leather shoe shell

      • Rubber bottom sole

      • True to size


      Handmade in Denmark, is the main focus of creating clogs together with family own business from Silkeborg, Denmark. 

      Creating clogs with a social responsibility aspect as we work together with a small family-run business to keep craftsmanship in Denmark.

      No Over Production, clogs are made-to-order and only manufacturing the items that are sold. No extra styles are made to fulfill a quote of a certain no. of pcs.

      Produced for Longevity, as these clogs has been tested through decades of manufacturing and use by hicks everywhere, where are more then sure that these clogs will stand the test of time.