.. to positively contribute to the understanding of how to create fashion and leave a minimal environmental footprint. Being a spokes-brand for a vision where brands & consumer, together, act hand in hand to reduce the environmental footprint of the industry; actively making efforts to reduce our strain on this great-mother-fucking-earth.

To make this vision possible, we have created 4 distinct guidelines in which our clothes need to tick off three of four boxes to be created and put up for sale.


We believe in after life. Firmly believing that turning actual trash into treasure can make a big difference to reduce footprint. For us the quote "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is not just a quote, it's how we produce our collections. That's why we focus on upcycling discarded and previously worn items or re-cycled textiles - like our resurrected tee's. We also buy discarded deadstock that no other companies want to use. Making riches from rags, and bringing back life to what seems dead to others. See all resurrected products.



We believe that if you are able to co-create products they give the owner more value. that’s why we set an honour in offering customization of all products in-house, to your needs. Together with you, our customer, we can create unique items as per your request. That's everything from a printed or embroidered full back piece to a name on the chest or 'a little something' elsewhere. You are the owner, you decide. The customization is handmade by our designer in Denmark through chainstitch embroidery - a craft technique that mimics drawing and gives room for highly customizable pieces. Think tattoo gone fashion. See all customizable products.



Our aim is to see you wear our pieces for years - and even decades to come. How? When we're not re-cycling we try to source the materials that can withstand the test of time, so that our items will age gracefully. We also aim on using fabrics which have no other purpose and by doing so, not creating new strain when it is possible to find fabrics no one wants to use. Bringing back life to material that seems dead to others.



Not being big on trends, at all. Our design DNA is to-the-point and does not follow fads. Products are designed with a razor-sharp aesthetic in mind and our designs can be carried forward in many years to come. We do not applaud the come and go trend, where new is always better, but hold on to our core value design.